Covid-19 and its disproportionate impact on Racial and Ethnic minorities

Work from home, stay home if you are feeling unwell, take rest, minimize social life, use separate bathrooms.

All the measures to avoid the life-threatening coronavirus may seem easy and luxurious for some people, but not for the low wage class who work in restaurants, provide delivery services, work as maids or other frontline workers. They don’t have the benefit of paid time off as the high collar jobs have.

A rapid increase in Covid-19 cases is being seen in the U.S, and not so hard to understand that the pandemic has disproportionately affected the minorities in the United States. The infection rate is 3 times higher in Black/African Americans and their mortality rate is double the natives. A state of dreadfulness is overwhelming the whole U.S as the number of cases of coronavirus in the African Americans and the Latinx communities are climbing day by day, the reasons are complex: people of color are more likely to be poor, work in industries that expose them to the virus, live in crowded spaces, and have chronic health conditions.

For several years Blacks have been treated discriminately and killed aimlessly. Even in the schools, this racism exists where black students are not allowed certain types of hairstyles while the native Americans are never stopped from adopting whatever fashion they want. Even in the protests of ‘Black lives matter’ after George Floyd’s case, they are being treated ruthlessly by the police. The techniques of shattering the crowd like tear gas, rubber bullets are being utilized. Hence, this racist approach is negatively affecting the Black Americans and the chances of minorities confronting the virus are becoming greater than white Americans

According to the data collection by CDC (Centres for disease control and prevention), 21.8% of COVID-19 cases are African Americans and 33.8% belong to the Latino communities, while they comprise only 13% and 18% of the whole U.S population, respectively. The numbers have been changing but the disproportionately is being alarmingly constant.

Zoeteyes has gathered all the possible reasons of the climbing rate of Covid-19 cases in the racial and ethnic minorities in the US.

  1. The limited access to healthcare facilities among the racial and ethnic minorities i.e. health disparity is the major cause. Health disparity occurs when some groups receive fewer healthcare facilities resulting in poorer health outcomes. Usually, they are treated as some humiliating or less respected nation and are employed as laborers where they cannot avoid the unhygienic environment. Therefore, racial minorities receive low-quality medical treatment for Covid-19. Due to the Lack of proper financial assistance and the unavailability of proper medical care, the Black and Latinx communities are becoming victims of the coronavirus rapidly.
  2. The absence of social distancing and isolation is contributing to rising cases. Due to their financial situation, mostly they cannot afford big homes and a large number of minorities live in small apartments and in sharing where it is difficult to isolate when sick. In addition to this, many Black Americans are frontline service workers who don’t have the luxury of staying at home and teleworking.
  3. Protests on George Floyd’s death are also contributing towards an increase in the cases. While being in a crowd it is almost impossible to keep the virus at bay, but one can adopt precautionary measures to help reduce the transmission of the virus.
  4. Lack of access to healthy food and clean water due to poor hygienic living standards is another cause of low immunity among those who are less fortunate.

In this hour of trial, we just need to be united and feel for the ones who are suffering. We need to understand how difficult it is for those who are going out, working for us, and contacting the virus while risking their lives. The minorities need to be appreciated as they are literally putting their lives on risk for the nation and in return are getting discriminant and ruthless treatment.

Hats off to the national heroes for their efforts from zoeteyes team.

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